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[제목]For youth, no shame in going solo

           youth [ju:θ]: 젊은이

                     Ex> youth unemployment: 청년 실업





Despite the pouring rain ( , The 1st Penguin, a café located in Anam-dong / near Korea University, ) / is packed with customers / on a Tuesday afternoon.//

           packed [pӕkt]: (특히 사람들이)꽉 들어찬

                     Ex> The restaurant was packed.


Most of them ( , who appear to be college students, ) / are sitting alone.// In addition to the word “Achievement” ( painted in big black letters and underlined twice in bold red, ) / print-outs and memos of wise sayings and columns / are posted / all over the walls / on every side.//

           print-out: (컴퓨터) 인쇄물

           memo: 메모

                     Ex> Just write her a memo and let her know.

           wise saying: 명언, 명담(사리에 꼭 맞게 뜻이 깊고 멋있는 말)

           column [|kɑ:ləm] : (신문, 잡지의) 정기 기고란(칼럼)

                     Ex> I always read her column in the local paper.


[출처] http://www.koreaherald.com

[제목]Google shifts its China search engine to Hong Kong


Google Inc., the operator of the world's largest search engine, has withdrawn its China-based operations and has begun redirecting visitors to Hong Kong, according to the search engine's Web site early Tuesday.
operator : 특정한 사업을 하는 사람, 회사
withdrawn : (제공 등을) 중단하다, 취소하다, 철회하다
redirect : (다른 주소, 방향으로) 다시 보내다, 전송하다.

Yonhap News reported that users who type in www.google.com.cn or www.google.cn in the search box of a Web browser will automatically be transferred to www.google.com.hk, Google's Hong Kong-based service.
report : 알리다, 발표하다
type in : 입력하다
type in the search word in the search engine[box] : 검색창에 검색어를 입력하다

In January, Google announced that it was considering withdrawing from China, the world's largest market in terms of the number of Internet users, citing cyber attacks on its e-mail service and strict censorship regulations in China.
in terms of  : ~면에서는, ~에 관하여
Our school is number one in terms of baseball. : 야구에 관해서는 우리 학교가 최고예요
cite : (이유, 예를) 들다
censorship : 검열
regulation : 단속

[제목]STX Offshore wins $260 mln in orders
STX Offshore : STX 조선 (offshore : 연안의)
mln : 백만을 의미하는 Million의 약어
in orders : 주문
win : (경쟁 등에서 이겨 무엇을) 획득하다. 따다


STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co., a Korean shipyard, said Monday it has won a combined $260 million worth of orders this month to build nine bulk carriers, according to Yonhap News.
STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co. : STX 조선해양
shipyard : 조선소 ※ shipyard workers : 조선소 노동자들
combined : 연합의, 합동의
bulk carrier : 벌크선

The shipyard won an order to build two bulk carriers from Turkey's Densa AS, and another order to build three bulk carriers for a local shipping firm. Its Chinese unit won a deal to build four bulk carriers from a Chinese firm, STX Offshore said.
shipping : 선박
local : 국내의
unit : (특정 임무를 위한)부대, 단체
win a deal = get

[제목]Cambodians banned from marrying Koreans
S be banned from Sth / doing Sth : S에게 Sth 하는 것을 금지하다


The Cambodian government has imposed a provisional ban on international marriages with Koreans, citing fears of human trafficking, an official at the Korean embassy in Cambodia said Friday, according to Yonhap news agency.
impose : (새로운 법률, 세금 등을) 도입하다, 시행하다
provisional : 임시적인
cite : (이유, 예를) 들다
human trafficking : 인신매매
embassy : 대사관

"The Cambodian government has informed the Korean embassy in Cambodia early this month that it will suspend receiving applications for international marriage between Cambodians and Koreans," the official told Yonhap News Agency by phone. "The government again confirmed this in a formal document sent to the embassy on March 5."
suspend : (공식적으로) 중단하다
receive applications : 신청을 접수하다

The restriction pertains only to Korea because nearly 60 percent of international marriages in Cambodia involve Korean nationals, and most of them are arranged through brokers, the official said.
restiction : 제한
pertain only to : ~에만 해당된다 = to be connected with a particular subject, person, event or situation
involve : (누가 어떤 일에, 특히 무슨 범죄에) 연루되었음을 밝히다, 관련이 있음을 보여주다
national : (특정 국가의) 국민
arrange : 마련하다, (일을) 처리하다
broker : 중매인

Cambodia has banned marriage brokerage since 2008, allowing only "love matches." Despite the ban, the number of Cambodian women marrying Korean men more than doubled from 551 in 2008 to 1,372 last year.
marriage brokerage : 결혼 중개업 = a business that arranges marriage contracts
love match : 연애결혼
despite : ~임에도 불구하고

The latest measure came amid news reports in the Southeast Asian nation that a clampdown on marriage brokers in Vietnam has made neighboring Cambodia the new destination for Korean men seeking to "buy" wives. They denounced the practice of men choosing mainly poor women as wives, calling it "human trafficking."
measure : (판단, 측정의) 척도,기준
amid : (특히 흥분, 공포심이 느껴지는) 가운데 ※ come amid : ~하는 가운데 나왔다.
news report : 뉴스 (기사)
southeast : 남동의
clamdown : 단속
neighboring : 인접한 = adjacent
seek to : ~하려고 시도하다
destination : 대상
denouce : 맹렬히 비난하다
pratice : 관행, 관습

Financial watchdog to penalize KEB over foreign operations
financial : 금융의
watchdog : 감시인, 감시 단체
penalize : 처벌하다
operation : 영업

[게시 일자]10.03.18

Korea's financial watchdog is set to penalize the Korea Exchange Bank over wrongdoing by the lender's overseas operations, officials said Thursday, according to Yonhap News.
set : 정하다, 결정하다 = arrange
wrongdoing : 범법행위
lender : 대출기관
official : (고위)공무원, 임원

The Financial Supervisory Service held a monthly disciplinary board meeting and decided to give KEB an "institutional warning," holding the bank accountable for lax regulation of overseas branches, the FSS officials said.
The Financial Supervisory Service : 금융관독원 ※ supervisory: 감독(상)의, 관리(상)의
disiplinary board meeting : 징계위원회  ※ disciplinary : 징계의
institutional : 기관의
hold : (무엇이 사실이라고)생각하다, 간주하다
accountable : (해명할) 책임이 있는
lax : (일, 규칙, 규정들에 대해) 느슨한, 해이한
regulation : 단속
branch : 지사

In January, KEB's two Japanese branches in Osaka and Tokyo received a three-month ban on deposits, lending and remittance operations by the local regulator Financial Service Agency, which concluded the Korean units issued bank balance statements in violation of rules governing illegal money laundering in 2007.

ban on : ~에 대한 금지(법, 명령)

deposit : (은행) 예금

remittance : 송금

regulator : 단속기관

financial service : 금융정보서비스기관

Korean units : 한국군

issue : 발표하다

statement : 진술, 서술

violation : 위반

governing : 통치하는(지배하는), 운영하는(관리하는)

money laundering : 돈 세탁

"Having received the heavy penalty, the Korea Exchange Bank will face disadvantages when setting up new foreign branches," one official said.

heavy penalty : 중징계

face disadvantages : 불이익을 당하다

An institutional warning limits KEB's entry or investment into other financial sectors. The FSS decision needs final approval to take effect.
entry : 가입, 입회
investment : 투자액
sector : (특히 국가경쟁 활동)부문, 분야
take effect : 효력을 발휘하기 시작하다

Kim Choong-soo named new head of BOK
name : (일자리, 직책에) 지명하다, 임명하다
head : (단체, 조직의) 책임자
BOK : Bank Of Korea (한국은행)


Korean President Lee Myung-bak has named Kim Choong-soo, ambassador to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as the country's new governor of the Bank of Korea (BOK), Lee's office announced Tuesday, according to Yonhap News.
ambassador : 대사 ※ a former ambassador to the UN : 전 UI 대사
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD) : 경제협력개발기구
governor : (한 기관의) 장

Kim will replace Lee Seong-tae, whose four-year term ends March 31.

Kim has "a broad range of expertise and experience on the Korean economy, as he worked in both academic circles and the government, and also has international experience and insight as the ambassador to the OECD," presidential office spokesman Park Sun-kyoo said in the announcement.

broad : (폭이) 넓은
expertise : 전문 지식(기술)
academic cicles : 학술 동아리
international : 국제적인
insight : 통찰력
presidntal office : 대통령집무실
spokesman : 대변인
accouncement : 발표(내용)

[제목]Spread of H1N1 virus slowing in recent weeks
H1N1 : 신종 인플루엔자A (H1N1)

[게시 일자]2010.03.16

The spread of the H1N1 virus in Korea has been slowing sharply in recent weeks, with fewer infections being reported, the nation's health authorities said Tuesday and Yonhap News reported.
fewer : ~ 보다 소수의(적은)
infection : 감염
health autoorities : 보건 당국

According to the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs, the number of people showing flu-like symptoms per 1,000 outpatients fell to 2.8 during the 10th week of this year from 3.3 the previous week. The 10th week refers to the period from Feb. 28 to March 6.
Ministry : (정부의 각) 부처
welfare : 복지
family affairs : 가사
flu-like = Resembling influenza (resemble : 유사하다 / incluenza : 유행성 감기)
outpatient : 외래 환자, 통원 환자 ※ outpatient treatment : 통원치료

The rate stood at 9.69 during the first week of this year but has been falling steadily ever since, indicating that the infection rate of the highly contagious disease is subsiding. The ministry expects the rate will fall below 2.6 in the following week, a benchmark level that determines the government's move to issue or withdraw a flu watch.
stood : stand의 과거 (stand at : ~에 서다)
contagious : (접촉을 통해) 전염되는, 전염성의
subside : 가라앉다, 진정되다
indicate : (조짐, 가능성을) 나타내다, 보여주다
benchmark : 기준
move : 조치, 행동 (move to do)
issue : 발표하다. 공표하다.
withdraw : (뒤로)물러나다, 철수하다
flu : 독감
watch : 주시

S&P revises outlook on 6 Korean financial companies
S&P[Standard & Poor’s] : 미국의 신용 평가 회사
revise : (의견, 계획을) 변경하다, 수정하다
outlook for : (앞날에 대한) 전망
outlook on : (특정 개인,집단,인생,세계에 대한)관점, 세계관, 인생관

[게시일] 2010.03.15

A global credit appraiser said Monday it has revised its long-termissuer credit ratings outlook on six financial institutions in Korea from negative to stable, according to Yonhap News .
appraiser : (건물)감정인
rating : (상대적인 인기, 중요성 등의)순위, 평가
istitution : (대학, 은행과 같이 특정 목적을 지닌 대규모) 기관, 단체, 협회

Standard & Poors's upgraded its ratings of Koomin Bank, Woork Bank, Shinhan Bank, Hana Bank, Woori Finance Holdings Co. and Shinhan Card Co.
upgrade : (건물 상태 등을) 개선하다.

"A faster-than-expected economic recovery has eased concerns over the potential asset quality deterioration of the Korean banks, where both household and corporate leverage is high," S&P said in a statement.
ease : (고통, 불편 등을) 덜어주다
asset : 자산
deterioration : 악화
household : 가정
corporate : 기업의
in a statement : 성명에서
※ 성명 : 어떤 일에 대한 자기의 입장이나 견해 또는 방침 따위를 공개적으로 발표함

"Although the recovery was largely driven by government spending and aided by favorable foreign currency exchange rate movements in 2009, we believe the Korean economy should post healthy yearly growth of about 4.1 percent in 2010 and 2011, mitigating private sector leverage risks to a certain extent."
largely : 주로
be driven by : (어떤 방향으로) 몰다
spending : (정부 조직의) 지출
favorable : 호의적인
currency exchange : 환전
movement : (양의) 변동
healthy : (조직, 관계, 기계 등이) 건강한, 잘 돌아가는
yearly : 연간의
mitigate: 완하시키다, 경감시키다
private sector leverage : 사적 부문의 레버리지
certain : 어떤, 무슨(구체적인 정보 없이 사람, 사물 등을 언급할 때 씀)
extent : (크기, 중요성, 심각성 등의) 정도, 규모
That's true, to a certain extent. -> 그것이 어느 정도는 사실이다.
Google founders richest internet moguls
founder : 창립자
mogul : 거물

[작성자 / 게시 일자]
yoonmi@heraldm.com / 2010.03.13

[본문 내용]
Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google in 1998, are therichest internet entrepreneurs in the Forbes rich list in 2010, BBCsaid yesterday.

co-founder : 공동 창립자
entrepreneur : (모험적인)기업가

The U.K.-based broadcaster released the list of the richest internetentrepreneurs on its website and said that the two people arecollectively worth $35 billion.
broadcaster: 방송인, 방송
release : (대중에게)공개하다, 발표하다
collectively : 집합적으로, 공동   ※collective cwnership : 공동 소유권
worth : (사람이)~의 재산을 가진

It only took five years for 37-year-old Page and 36-year-old Brin to go from PhD students to billionaires, it said.
PhD student : 박사과정의 학생
billionaire : 억만장자, 갑부

Google's current CEO Eric Schmidt ranked fourth in the internetbillionaire, while the third place went to Jeff Bezos who foundedAmazon in a Seattle garage.
rank : (순위를) 차지하다.
Seattle : 시애틀

Korean-Japanese business man Masayoshi Son, CEO of Japanese internetand telecom firm SoftBank, ranked fifth with net worth of $5.9 billion.
Korean-Japanese : 한일
Masayoshi Son
internetand : 인터넷

The youngest internet entrepreneur was 25-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, who founded social networking site Facebook.

Rape suspect denies all charges
Rape - 강간
Suspect - 용의자 / 의심하다
charge - 혐의, 기소, 고소 / 기소하다, 고소하다

[글쓴이 / 기사 날짜]
By Bae Hyun-jung / 10.03.12

[본문 내용]
The suspect in the rape and murder of a teenage girl, who was arrested in Busan on Wednesday, is denying all charges against him, police said yesterday.
murder : 살인
arrest : 체포하다
against : ~에게 불리한

Kim Gil-tae, 33, repeated denials of his charges though his DNA was found in the victim's body, said Kim Young-sik, deputy head of the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency.
victim : 피해자
deputy : 대리인
Metropolitan : 대도시의
Agency : 정부기관

He was suspected of kidnapping, raping and murdering 13-year-old Lee Yu-ri, who was found dead on Saturday inside a rooftop water tank just 100 meters away from her house after disappearing on Feb. 24.
kidnap : 납치하다, 유괴하다
rooftop : 옥상

She had been suffocated to death after being raped, said police officials.
be suffocated to death : 질식해서 죽다.

Kim, however, claimed that he had never seen Lee and that he only ran in fear of being caught for his past offenses, according to officials.
claim : 주장하다, 요청하다
caught : catch의 과거, 과거 분사
offense : 죄, 범햄 / 죄를 짓다, 범행을 저지르다

Kim was released last June after having served time in jail for both rape and attempted rape. He was also wanted for a suspected case of rape which occurred last January.
release : 풀어주다, 석방하다.
serve : (교도소에서) 복역하다.
wanted : 수배 중인

"I found out through police leaflets that I was the suspect in the case and feared that I may be falsely charged because of my past offenses," officials quoted Kim as saying during questioning.
leaflet : (광고나 선전용) 전단
※ police leaflet : 수배 전단
falsely : 거짓으로
quote : 인용하다, (남의 말을 그대로) 전달하다, 옮기다

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